Thank you Bear Lake

On behalf of all your Bear Lake Township Fire Department personnel, thank you for voting to approve the purchase of a replacement for #171.

Your support of your first responders is greatly appreciated. It is a privilege to serve you.

We have worked tirelessly to keep #171 to at least be an emergency back up but in recent weeks it has become obvious to all that it’s no longer possible for it to perform that function.

For all of us who answer the 911 page, not having to worry that we may not be able to provide the timely service you deserve is now thankfully no longer an issue – thanks to you.

Thank you – for placing your faith and trust in us.

A reminder that once ordered it can take up to a year for the new truck to be delivered – but when it rolls in to town please join us to celebrate what you have invested in!

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Paying It forward

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThis photo from Bear Lake Days says more than any words.

This is why we serve.

It’s a privilege.

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Hold the community of Prescott in your hearts.

NBC 4 in Los Angeles has posted information of how you can donate to the families of the 19 Prescott Granite Mountain Hotshot members who lost their lives.


“Funds have been set up for the families of 19 firefighters, including four from Southern California, who were killed while battling a wildfire in Arizona.

Of the 19 men killed, 14 were in their 20s. Many are survived by wives and young children.

Donations can be made to a Chase Bank account No. 987218757; or via check by mail to:

United Phoenix Firefighter’s Association
ATTN: Granite Mountain Donations
61 E. Columbus
Phoenix, AZ 85012

Prescott Fire Department Administration
ATTN: PFFC Granite Mt. Donations
1700 Iron Springs Rd
Prescott, AZ 86305

Donations also can be made online using a PayPal form on the Prescott Firefighter’s Charities website.

“We strive to help the families of the victims,” Tyler Brown said, an intern with the Prescott Police Department who also volunteers with the fire department.

Brown said all proceeds made to the Prescott charities will go directly to the firefighters’ families.”

We honor the memory of Anthony Rose, 23; Eric Marsh, 43; Robert Caldwell, 23; Clayton Whitted , 28; Scott Norris, 28; Dustin Deford, 24; Sean Misner, 26; Garret Zuppiger, 27; Travis Carter, 31; Grant McKee, 21; Travis Turbyfill, 27; Jesse Steed, 36; Wade Parker, 22; Joe Thurston, 32; William Warneke, 25; and John Percin, 24; Kevin Woyjeck, 21; Chris MacKenzie, 30; and Andrew Ashcraft, 29.

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Have a safe 4th. of July! Be careful with those Chinese Lanterns, please!

As we all get ready for our national holiday, looking forward to BBQs and fireworks, we ask you all, please, to exercise extreme caution with both fireworks and Chinese Lanterns.

Careless handling and use of fireworks can cause untold injury, misery and damage.

Don’t let what should be a time of celebration turn into a tragedy.

Chinese Lanterns look so serene as they float up into the night sky. But where they come down can be devastating.



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Friday June 28 – An Evening With Friends

Bear Lake Township, Michigan, Fire And Rescue DepartmentAn Evening With Friends

The Bear Lake Methodist Church (corner of Main and Smith) will be hosting a social evening on Friday June 28 from 5.30 – 9.30 PM on behalf of the Friends of Bear Lake Township Fire Department.

While enjoying delicious cakes, desserts, coffee and soft drinks, the community can hear about current efforts to upgrade our fleet of aging fire and rescue vehicles and just how busy our home town Fire Department has become – over 222 runs in 2012!

Fire Chief Sean Adams will bring the fire trucks and Rescue vehicle up to the Church so you can see and hear about what your home town fire department does first hand.

Following the social time, attendees can move to the Sanctuary to watch a free showing of the movie “Backdraft” As noted during the recent World Book Night event which featured Population 485, an autobiography by Mike Perry – our Bear Lake Township Fire and EMS people really do ‘meet their neighbors one siren at a time’!

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Bear Lake CERT ~ And Rolling Thunder


Bear Lake Township Citizen Emergency Response Team did an outstanding job on Saturday June 22 policing traffic control for Rolling Thunder on their run from Manistee.

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Open House May 22 6-8 PM

On the evening of Wednesday May 22, from 6-8 PM, the public is invited to attend an Open House on behalf of the Bear Lake Township Fire Department at Bear Lake Township Hall located on US31 in Downtown Bear Lake.

The Fire Chief Sean Adams, and members of the Bear Lake Fire and Rescue First Responders and cadets will be on hand to answer questions about the current vehicle fleet and the high volume of callouts, 222 last year, this northern Manistee County Fire Department responds to. At a time most rural fire departments in NW MI are struggling with aging volunteers, we are incredibly fortunate to be attracting many new YOUNG members and High School Cadets.

Information will also be available that night about fire prevention and how to get involved in the newly formed CERT or Citizen Emergency Response Team of volunteer auxiliary people.

Members of the Friends of Bear Lake Township Fire Department (FOBLTFD) will also be on hand to explain the August 6 millage request which will finance the replacement of the aging 1978 fire truck. For more information see

Cookies, popcorn, coffee and pop will be provided for this family social evening.

And if you miss this opportunity to come down to the Fire Hall you can see the fire vehicles and talk to the fire staff and FOBLTFD again on the evening of Friday June 28 at the Bear Lake Methodist Church, located at the corner of Smith and Main Street in Bear Lake. From 5-7 pm the Church will host “An Evening With Friends”with cake, coffee and desserts provided by Church members. There will be a free showing of the movie “Backdraft” in the Church Sanctuary. Attendees will be asked to remember the 11 first responders who lost their lives in West, Texas.

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