Seasonal Safety Tips

SantaThe holidays are a joyous time, filled with love and laughter!

Just the way we like it – just the sound of safe and happy homes!

Your Bear Lake Fire and EMS folks just want to remind you to watch those candles, check for frayed Christmas lights, keep that tree well watered, and keep decorations and unwanted items out of the mouths and reach of your beloved kids and pets!

Be safe this Christmas – that’s our sincere wish for you and yours!

Best wishes, Bear Lake Township Fire Department.

For more seasonal safety tips visit NFPA Project Holiday at:

2011 Fire Prevention Week at Bear Lake Township Fire And Rescue DepartmentBLTFD Open House 2011

This is the first of many more public education videos. Enjoy!

Visit the NFPA – Fire Prevention Week Web Site

And Click Here To Take The Fire Safety Quiz!!

Do You Have A Family Safety Escape Plan? Watch these Sparky PSA Videos!

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