Bear Lake Township, Michigan, Fire And Rescue Department

Winter ….

In 2009, Bear Lake, Onekama, Cleon Township, Village of East Lake, US Coast Guard Manistee, Manistee County Dive Team, Manistee K-9 Unit, Manistee County Sheriff and Under Sheriff, County Snowmobile Patrol, Wexford County Dive Team, Missaukee County Dive Team, West Shore Hospital EMS, City of Manistee all spent the day on Bear Lake practicing for an event they hope never happens.

In recent years there have been several tragedies involving good people who were caught by unpredictable ice conditions on area lakes. For the unwary, what can look like good snow and ice cover can hide a tragedy waiting to happen.

Braving frigid waters and biting wind, Fire, EMS and First Responders systematically practiced safety procedures for retrieving victims who fall through the ice on inland lakes.

In this the first of a series of ‘Seasonal Safety Tips’ from Bear Lake Township Fire and Rescue, we remind you to check the ice depth before you venture out on the lakes. Always carry something to help you pull yourself out should you have the misfortune to fall through the ice. Try not to panic, conserve your energy and shout for help!

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