Wish List

Thank you Bear Lake for helping us to retire #171 above!

Bear Lake Township Fire Department still needs to replace the 1987 water tender, (#172) has no pump. This vehicle’s high mileage,75,790, raised enough suspicion to do a CARFAX search. We found a severe damage accident report from 1987, just 7 months after manufacture, and another in 1990. There is no Title history prior to 1994 when the Township bought it and we have been unable to determine its original purpose.

The 1987 water vehicle is not four-wheel drive. It’s weight and lack of maneuverability make it an inherently dangerous vehicle to drive on muddy, iced or snow covered gravel roads. It used to discharge by gravity to a collapsable tank erected on site. This proved to be dangerous and, considering our long winter, highly impractical. As there is no pump on this vehicle, it often has to make a round trip to refill in the Village of Bear Lake as the hydrant pressure there means a faster refill.

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